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Re: Season Seven so far has been Redundant.

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With a companion like Martha, for example, that worked. At the end of her season, the Doctor just dropped her off at home. There was no big goodbye because the Doctor himself never really developed any kind of big attachment to her.
That's cold.
The problem was Martha was written really we except for her Rose-carry-over storyline of craving after the Doctor, which seemed to come out of left field sometime near Gridlock.

Her unrequited love speech at the end of her travels was lame as it was clear the Doctor wasn't interested in rebound sex (what a pillock), and it should been dropped. Having companions wanting to shag the Doctor was a very RTD thing, and at least Moffat had the idea of bringing Rory in to divert that. Martha was probably my favourite companion of the new era but the love arc just ruined it.
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