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Re: UT:TFV - Part II - Scorched Earths

CeJay wrote: View Post
Just when you thought it was over ...

I feel sorry for the crew of the Galaxy. Like they haven't been through enough already. Now the newly crowned Master of Evil, Liana Ramirez, is after them too. And with much more deadly precision and dispassionate ruthlessness than the Voranti could ever muster.

This. Will. End. Badly.
CeJay, unfortunately, I think that's a very good bet.

Count Zero wrote: View Post
I think this has already ended badly for most of the Galaxy's crew. I'm intrigued by the newly introduced character, Parlan. Is this his first appearance or did I overlook him earlier?
This is Parlan's first appearance in this story. However, the character appeared previously in my story Geometries of Chance.

Cobalt Frost wrote: View Post
Holy cow!
No cow, no matter how holy, can help them now!
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