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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

Season 3 is underway

3x1-Into the Fire: Hathor that crafty vixen gets her apparent comeuppance in the season opener picking up where the cliffhanger left off. Just like Apophis the Tok'ra have a plant within her group. I do like that the plant isn't just easily killed as often happens. Hey, thanks for the sacrifice any dying last words? No, she lays there wounded, badly, and says her symbiote may yet heal her but that they should go during the break out attempt. On Chulak Teal'c gets to have a very "Braveheart" moment as he rallies those who would mock him to "do the right thing". Hammond in action was a nice twist as they 'thread the needle'. I'd been wondering for the whole time if any type of ship was going to attempt to fly through the gate.

3x2-Seth: So the Gou'ald Seth has stayed on Earth this whole time? Hiding in plain sight if you will. His modern version takes on a very WACO compound or Heaven's Gate type cult. Pretty good episode and one that shows perhaps just how easily beat the Gou'ald can be when their resources are limited. In this episode, whether intentional or not, I could see how their rise in the intergalactic community is largely due to theft of other technologies then imposing power through fear. Cause hear Seth has limited amounts of Gou'ald resources. Translation, limited power as himself. I did wonder why he might not have tried to access the Antarctica Gate then realized it was mentioned the Gou'ald didn't know if it either. It was proof the Gou'ald hadn't created Gate technology.

3x3-Fair Game: An Asian Gou'ald!! I wonder why he's still all FuManch'd out? Were the PC police in overdrive for such a portrayal or was it alright due to historical context? The return of Thor as nothing more than mediator was a bit bland but he did essentially reinforce that the Asgardians are dealing with a much bigger threat. They are essentially just bluffing the Gou'ald and are in a much weaker state than we've been led to believe. So who is the enemy giving the Asgardians such trouble? I have to believe with 8 seasons to go we'll find out. This is also the first episode that I recall catching a bit of at some point.

3x4-Legacy: A rather bland bottle show but one that plays into the "boggey trapped" tomb I suppose, which is big for Egyptian tombs. With three pretty good episodes on this disc I suppose it was time to breath a bit out of the gate on season 3.
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