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Re: blue ray - further extended cuts?

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If they found those film elements, isnīt it pretty save to assume that they stored the elements of ALL cut scenes? I mean..why would you store the cut scenes of specifically one episode, but none of any other episodes?

I just remembered...there seems to be at least one cut scene from that episode with those frozen fish aliens. Apperantly them waking up was a longer sequence than what we got to see.
They likely have all of the deleted scenes/cuts they need to make re-assembling the episodes more of a chore. But the key with MoaM is that they had Snodgrass' "bootleg" tape of the episode assembled BEFORE those cuts were made. This would provide them a reference point from which to put together the episode. If they were to make "extended cuts" of other episodes they'd either need a tape of the extended episode to know how to recreate it or some other way to know how to reassemble the episode, from scratch. That or it'd be a lot more work to make extended episodes.
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