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Re: Where were Miles and Keiko married?

We've seen 10-Fwd (as well as the Observation Lounge set) re-purposed many times on the show to suggest other areas of the ship. (Yes, it can be argued the ObLng windows don't match any other set of windows, but it WAS used to suggest other ship areas. So we have to hand-wave the windows detail.)

I think Miles and Keiko were suggested to be married in 10-Fwd, forget it being "a bar" it has the best viewport on the ship. Perfect spot for a wedding. It just makes things inconvenient for some of the crew not invited.

CREWMAN #1: Hey, want to grab a drink in Ten Forward?

CREWMAN #2: Can't, the O'Brien wedding is in there tonight.

CREWMAN #1: Oh. Well, how about Seven Port, then?

CREWMAN #2: You're on!
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