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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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Kira and Odo are different, overwrought melodrama suits them better for whatever reason.

Yeah, Chimera is the Kira/Odo romance episode that really works, and it works on a completely different level. I'm not sure it's "melodrama" exactly, but the identity crisis and existential issues are taken seriously.

I think it's because as a *couple* from the standard perspective, Kira/Odo doesn't work at all and makes no sense, but if you make it about something deeper, like the two characters' changing identity, then it really works and can become almost profound at times. For Odo, it's about being loved for who he really is (which His Way runs away from, but Chimera doesn't), and for Kira it's about accepting and loving that which is most alien (when originally she was a bit close-minded and even xenophobic).

The writers really had to go in that direction to justify the decision to finally get these two together and, thankfully, that does happen in season 7.

As for His Way, there's an idea in this episode that isn't bad at all, and that's Odo trying to "shapeshift" in a different way than usual, i.e. become something he's not. Some of the scenes where Odo is talking to the real Kira without realizing it are actually pretty effective, I think. Kind of painful to watch. Anyway, the whole tactic doesn't really work, but it's still the catalyst for the two of them getting together.

On the one hand, I can actually see why Ira Behr likes the episode: it's different from what Trek usually does, and I think it does work, if you like this sort of thing. For the most part, I don't.

I agree with the over-indulgent complaint. Late DS9 has some problems with that overall.

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