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Re: TNG Caption This! 294: Say hello to Season 2!

Thanks for the Crowning!

Berman: Hey Gene, remember how I said that completely avoiding all gay characters made us look kind of homophobic?

Roddenberry: I don't know why, I like a lesbian as much as the next man.

Berman: Yeah... anyway, when I said that as a progressive science fiction show we should do an episode that dealt with modern issues facing young gay men and women in the 1980's... I didn't really mean just make space a bit pink for the week.

Riker: OK, OK... I'm sorry I said it'd would have been better to make you the new Doctor and have the crabby old woman as security chief.


Riker: And that Tasha's rotting corpse could do your job better.

Wesley: So what do you think?

Salia: It's a beautiful romantic place. If a man were to actually go to the effort of taking me here rather than just showing it me on a Holodeck I'd so sleep with him.

Wesley: Damn.

Picard: Oh look, another 100 year old ship has come to grief. Star Fleet really need to invest in some new kit.

Troi: What is it Doctor?

Pulaski: It's just I hardly get to be in captions, I'm savouring the moment.
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