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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Loved the episode.
I think at this point Andrea is beyond redemption. If she's going to keep seeing all of the craziness going on at Woodbury and not leave, then she's probably never going to leave or turn her back on the Governor.
I'm afraid you're right.

I'm wondering if the loss of his daughter will make the Governor even more crazy and evil.
I was undecided if we'd see this, or if he'd just turn into a raving maniac. Since he hasn't shown any signs of going berserk yet, I think crazy/evil is definitely what we'll see.

I'm thinking the whole Merle/Daryl fight is simply a set up so Merle can be the Gov.'s double agent.
I disagree for reasons posted above. Merle has screwed up way too many times for the Governor to trust him with that. Maybe if Merle hadn't lied to him about Michonne before she showed up and stabbed his daughter. But after that....

Tyreese didn't do anything to impressive yet, but I am very curious to see more of him and his group.
He's done a couple of impressive things so far, the biggest one being the respect he showed to Carl. It wasn't the kind of respect you give when you're on the wrong end of a gun, either -- it was real respect. Tyreese appears to be a civilized guy.
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