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Re: Spacex CEO wants to co-build and fund huge Mars colony effort

Speaking about bugging out--did anyone catch this last night?

Here, the ponderous, multinational, big goverment craft is the one that worked where the one-percenters were blown all to hell on the anti-matter upstart.

I think Rand Simberg probably fainted when he saw that one--and then fired off a nasty poison pen--er--stylus. Savior I was probably another of "kiss-of-death" Gary Hudson's ideas

Seriously, though, the more the merrier. I might want different ships to go to different destinations--although it might be best to have the rag tag fleet to draw from. At any rate, anti-matter production (even more so than nukes) is a Manhattan Project scale undertaking that would bankrupt even Gates.

In other news, Alabama's own version of ENTERPRISE character Trip Tucker (i.e. Travis Taylor) will also be back:
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