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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Yeah, with all the talk about the visual effects, I think something that is getting lost in the fold is there is more to TNG than just special effects. I understand that's a high selling point for many people but for me, they are just icing on the cake. The show is still going to be in HD, and the biggest thing for me in purchasing the set are the special features and the new Measure of a Man episode. That alone makes it worth buying.
Well, as we've seen from the's in HD...but...and the 'but' was the deal breaker for me.

If the effects simply lacked a bit of the visual flair of Season 1, that would have been fine but it goes further than that. The work is just sloppily done. Some shots are technically HD, but then intentionally blurred, light passes don't line up, footage is warped / distorted due to HTV not correcting for the film shrinking like CBS did. Either they didn't have the same resources as CBS, or they lacked the skill...either way, it adds up to sloppy work and I can't support that. For me, the principle of the matter is that I won't reward sloppy work.

If CBS would be kind enough to let CBS-Digital go back and fix the worst of HTV's errors, that would be nice. i would gladly buy it then, just because they showed they cared but until then, there will be a blank spot on my shelf where Season 2 should be, and also for any future Seasons by outsourced companies that don't measure up.
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