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Re: TNG: Silent Weapons by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Some random thoughts of mine from while I was reading Silent Weapons:

Picard recalls that Bateson commanded the 1701-E during its shakedown cruise which is a referral to “Ship of the Line” which was over-written by DTI. It looks like an element of that book survived.

Picard tells Bateson that they are of the same rank before Bateson retorts that orders show he has authority in that sector. As a captain of a tactically identical ship with a century as captain, isn’t Bateson the ranking captain, even without orders?

While on Orion La Forge covers his cybernetic eyes to be incognito. Are cybernetic eyes that identifying? Aren’t there enough blind people (from birth or injury) who have these to make seeing cybernetic eyes not that big of a deal?

It is good to know Jack Daniel’s still exists in the future and is served on alien worlds.

It is interesting that when Bacco mentions losses to the Typhon Pact, she doesn’t mention how they played a major part in driving away a founding member of the UFP.

Picard doesn’t seem to know how to handle the Gorn but he was involved in the Gorn Crisis which was mentioned in “Rough Beasts of Empire” as having happened. Then the Gorn who Picard speaks to wants to leave politics to become an artist. Don’t the Gorn have separate political and artistic castes?

The androids are able to change height and mass to change their appearance according to Geordi but in Insurrection, didn’t Data say his design requires him to stay the same height and mass in order to function?

I like that Starfleet has a starship Nogura. Nice salute to Vanguard.

Spot was mentioned at the beginning of book 1 but no mention since. Isn’t Data interested in his cat and perhaps like to see her again? I hope book 3 with have a Data/Spot reunion because I would like to see how she interacts with new Data.

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I thought Chen's order made sense. Atlas made an aggressive move it so would be viewed as a belligerent to the Gorn. I think the ship, if not the crew, from that point forward could have hurt Starfleet's diplomatic efforts. What I found interesting is the Atlas' CO didn't question the orders of an inferior officer.
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