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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Yeah, with all the talk about the visual effects, I think something that is getting lost in the fold is there is more to TNG than just special effects. I understand that's a high selling point for many people but for me, they are just icing on the cake. The show is still going to be in HD, and the biggest thing for me in purchasing the set are the special features and the new Measure of a Man episode. That alone makes it worth buying.
For me it's different. I'm excited about the clarity of the episodes in general, not just the effects. But I'm also a (pretty amateur) vfx artist and fan of the process of putting together shots using models etc. Seeing those film elements compsited together properly instead of on video from that time is something I've been dreaming about since long before this project was announced...
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