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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

Can Jim Harbaugh/Greg Roman please take the cuffs off the offense and let them free? This is kind of the same question I asked last year with Alex Smith. Let him actually use the weapons he has. I'm watching that game yesterday and wonder why wasn't Davis or Walker (Who has been really reliable for Kaepernick) or even Moss getting the ball more. Why are they going for stupid trick plays 15 yards from their own goal line? For the first time since he got here, I'm questioning Harbaugh's decision making (or Roman's, but let's go both). He decided to start this guy because of his speed and arm, and he's throwing back passes to someone who is unreliable catching balls, at least when he's returning punts.

I don't blame Kaepernick for this game, but man the Bay Area is once again going to go Apeshit asking the question on who should start. I actually think this whole thing is becoming too big of a distraction and will affect the 49ers going forward and that sucks. This game was a clusterfuck on all levels, and I for one am glad they don't play the Rams again. Of course that begs the question. They beat the Bears and Saints quite handedly (Even though a lot on the Saints win was because of the defense), why the hell did they tie and lose to the freaking Rams. Stupid team trying to play down to the level of their opponent.

I hope this team does make it to the Super Bowl, but right now, they are only a Divisional playoff team. You need at least 3 wins in the playoffs and I don't see the 49ers doing that at this point.
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