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Re: "King's Speech" director to take on "Les Miserables"

New clips. Yay!

Some thoughts:
* Javert's lines after Valjean says 'Yes, it means I'm free' have been completely changed, and I'm curious as to what the motivation behind said change was and who, exactly, generated the new material; I'm also not seeing where this criticism of Russell Crowe's performance is coming from

* In the musical, there's more emphasis usually placed on Fantine's line 'what's the matter with that', but I like the more subdued approach that Hathaway brings when she says that line; it's almost as if she's trying to avoid breaking into tears

* There's an adorable awkwardness to A Heart Full of Love that I don't remember picking up on in any of the other renditions of the song that I've heard; that might be due to Seyfried and Redmayne's performances, or it might be due to the choreography and direction, but whatever the reason is, I like it

* I've heard Samantha Barks perform On My Own before, but it seems to me as if she's brought a more vulnerable approach to the song this time out, particularly when she says 'and he has found me', which I find really neat because it adds more pathos to the song
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