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Re: I gotta vent, because this is outrageous.

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A few things:

1. Your sister-in-law's husband sounds like a complete asshole.
2. Your sister-in-law may not have been very smart in marrying him, but I'm sure not one to talk.
3. Cheating due to a lack of sexual variety is, well... I don't know what it is, but it's pretty damn stupid.
4. This is ultimately none of your business except in terms of supporting your wife, and possibly your sister-in-law if she wises up and decides to leave this jerk.
5. Prison is not a pleasant place to be.

I know. i'd never beat him up, i'm not going to ruin my life beacuse he's an idiot. besides, he's a convicted felon. did hard time for attempted vehiciualr homicide while intoxicated, he's the first boyfriend she ever had, and so she's terrified to leave him and be alone.

My wife's family is the type that everyone stays out of everyones business and let's people make their own mkstakes while my family is the first one to call you friggin idiot if you're being treated like a doormat.

I'm glad I live an hour away, it makes it easier to stay out, but knowing he's said these things to her, and who knows what else that she hasn't told my wife, makes it very hard for me to ever consider being in the same room with him again. He has effectively turned his affair around on her and is saying it is her fault he cheated.
Good lord. Yes, it sounds like she made a very ill-considered choice. She can do better. It's a shame she married him and will have to deal with the consequences of that, but she's young enough to get out of it and find someone who isn't a complete asshole.
What I'm worried about is that my father in-law did this three times to my mother in law. and each time he begged and cajoled himself back into her good graces. and my mother inlaw won't even talk to her about it. so she's sees parents who have went through this and the mom dealt with it.
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