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Re: College Football 2012

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^ Not too different than last year in the NFL, when the AFC West champ was 8-8 (out of three 8-8 teams).
That has more to do with a 16 team conference sending 6 teams to the postseason, actually. And, there's no restriction on how many wildcard teams a division can send. With two spots, one division could (and has) fill both spots. I remember a season where the Colts won their division, and the Titans and Jaguars were the wildcard teams.

There are 120 FBS schools, and only 10 spots in BCS games. Plus, once your conference has sent two teams, the rest of the teams in your conference are all excluded, even if there are available "at-large" spots still unfilled.
There was also that year the NFC North sent 3 teams to the playoffs.

I was responding more to the shitty team making it in when other, much better teams are not.

This whole BCS thing really confuses me, but then, so did the old way.
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