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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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What Michonee said instead: ... *stares, turns, runs away*
I think Michonne was fed up with her. When someone she once thought of as a friend is so taken by the governor--and holds a gun on her, it is as hopeless a feeling as family members who visited Jonestown, only see them completely under the control of a psychopath/manipulator.

Michonne probably thought, "Andrea, you asked for everything you're going to get."
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What Michonee said instead: ... *stares, turns, runs away*
I got the impression it was turning her back on Andrea. She's done with her now & not even willing to offer a "Look around, dumbass, & wake the fuck up"
Yeah, she only lowered her sword because she was thinking, "I don't want to risk getting any dumbass germs on a really good blade."

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I have a different theory about Merle.

Yes the Governor is pissed at him, but when they caught Daryl, he decided to stage the events in the pit, to set Merle up as the inside man in Rick's camp. He already knew Daryl and Merle were brothers when he was brought into the pit.

He will allow them to escape, even if it costs him a few more bodies, simply because he doesn't want these neighbors so close. He'll lose his control over some of the citizens of Woodbury if they think they can be safer at the prison.

When the Governor is through using Merle, then he will kill him.
I'm suspecting your theory is moving toward truth, only I think the entire Merle being a prisoner scene is complete set up and he remains a trusted member of Woodbury. When the confrontation with Maggie happens in the woods, that will be Daryl's turning point as Merle tries to turn the "older brother" screws again.
I disagree. He's making Merle out to be an inside man for his own purposes, but everything he said in the pit was true. He said Merle was a traitor and that Merle had brought the attackers there.

Merle was a traitor for lying about Michonne (which the Governor discovered the hard way). And Merle did bring the attackers down on them by failing to kill Michonne and by taking the others prisoner. (Despite the fact that the Governor was okay with that too.)

It was pretty obvious before this that the Governor was having some doubts about Merle. So it would serve his purposes to let Merle take the fall for real.

I am a little unclear, however, on exactly how he knew Daryl was Merle's brother.

Okay, so: Talking Dead confirms that Rick is hallucinating Shane. I wasn't sure if I saw what I saw.
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