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Re: Best episodes ever...

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Reading this thread has reminded me of all the great episodes.

I'm shocked that Unification isn't on any list...
Why? Nimoy being in it is cool and all, but it's rubbish.

For my money:

1)Q Who
-The best TNG episode. Not so much for the borg - who are at their best written here, mysterious and implacable, but for the cracking dialogue between picard & q.
2)The Survivors
-Amazing concept, incredibly well acted out by the guest stars. The final confrontation between picard and kevin still sends a chill down my spine.
3)Measure of a Man
- Another brilliant concept, and both picard & rikers legal presentations are great. Riker closing his with a Farpoint pinnochio callback was fantastic. Spiner played data's reactions to events very well.
4)The Nth Degree
"No problem, here's how to build one"
-Was close between this, 11001001 and All Good Things, but in the end, the great work started with Sins of the Father was magnified here, and worf's surprising, but in the end logical (for him) decision regarding duras just about tips it over to my top 5. Shame they never did anything with the kid he ends up with
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