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Re: Anyone Else Love "Whom Gods Destroy"?

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I think that Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (and to a lesser degree, Lost in Space) must hold some kind of record for being "more sixties" than even TOS! I'd like to give Voyage a look through adult eyes.
I know this is like a year and a half old, but I just saw it. Anyway, how could Lost in Space be more 60's to a lesser degree than Voyage? LIS had garishly colored costumes, the two (count em, two) space hippy episodes, and some really groovy music. Voyage was mostly military in setting, which doesn't age in anything other than technology. The costujes were very neutral; khaki's and coveralls. One guy was a surfer for a season, but he cut out the jargon pretty quickly, so he would be the only person to ground it in the era. No women in miniskirts and go-go boots, almost no women at all in the latter half of the series, so the chauvinistic attitudes were barely there (one female guest was actually one of the designers of the Seaview - take that Star Trek's no female captains). Actually, Voyage probably aged better in that regard than either LIS or Trek. Even the effects have stood up better. Also, Richard Basehart. :-)

Nah, Lost in Space was as 60's as 1960's sci-fi got. Then Trek and way down the list, Voyage.
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