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With today being Steven Culp's birthday and all (he's 57), let's give it up for the guy with the best fight scene in Trek!


- this character was very by the book, but not above getting down and dirty. And of course he saves Hoshi Sato but


- this character, Martin Madden, can only be seen in the deleted scenes from the Nemesis film, where he comes in, in order to replace Riker. Riker plays a prank on him, which I always thought was

Culp has been in all sorts of stuff; he played Bobby Kennedy twice. Directors must love to kill him off as he always seems to be playing death scenes, in Desperate Housewives and JAG, in particular.

However, he recently got busy quite a bit on Grey's Anatomy.

Let's have this topic duke it out with the Keating one, eh?
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