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Re: Season Seven so far has been Redundant.

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My problem with that is that the Ponds' "farewell" in Season 6 didn't even feel remotely real. It came out of nowhere at the end of a weird episode about an alien Minotaur that feeds on faith. I remember the Doctor dropping them off at their new house and feeling confused because the goodbye felt like a fake out.
Well, that is how a lot of the companion farewells went in the classic era. And really, that was good enough. Their story had been told and they were off to live happily ever after. Then we end up with them returning to the fold for one more adventure until eventually they end up stranded away from the Doctor for the rest of their lives.
It depends on the character.

With a companion like Martha, for example, that worked. At the end of her season, the Doctor just dropped her off at home. There was no big goodbye because the Doctor himself never really developed any kind of big attachment to her.

But for Amy, her goodbye needed to be bigger. Their relationship was so much deeper that a casual goodbye just didn't work as well.
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