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Re: How militarized should Starfleet be?

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Nope. Just nope. Read the "Hornblower" novels. Starfleet is part American Coast Guard, but mostly 18th century English navy, when captains were explorers, diplomats and even (kind of) representatives of commercial interests.
Hornblower was Roddenberry's inspiration. Starfleet was explicitly based on the concept of the 18th century Royal Navy, but using then then-current version of the US Navy for structure, to make it easier for audiences to grasp.

"Star Trek" is not war. When that does happen on-screen in the spin-offs, I very rapidly lose interest. If you want space battles, there are plenty of other shows. They are great; I hope you enjoy them. Instead, what made (and makes) Trek great is hope for the future. How can that possibly include a Starfleet constantly poised for battle?
That's an untrue and disingenous revision of the idea that Starfleet is the military.

I resist and resent militaristic revisionism. Starfleet is the future NASA.
I disagree heartily. Roddenberry meant it to be the Navy, as shown in Hornblower's era, when he wrote TOS. I despise and disregard his senile revisionism in TNG when he suddenly thought the military, as a military, was an evil thing. And NASA? Bureaucratic NASA has no soul, no control, and no clue. Starfleet and Trek are all about the human condition. NASA is all about replacing humans with robots so that the frontier remains comfortably distant. They could never adopt the Naval background and expand to become Starfleet. the navy, on the other hand, has always done every single thing we've ever seen Starfleet do, just on the scale of our lone planet, and within the technological limitations of our time.

Now THAT'S the part we're discussing. Protocols and practices germane to the modern military that Roddenberry didn't show, as his time in the AAF didn't endear the garrison mentality to him.
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