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Re: Anyone Else Love "Whom Gods Destroy"?

I guess I'm going to raise this thread back to life once more. I've been lately watching seasons 2-3 on laserdisc trying to see all episodes in order. Some episodes I skipped over since I know what happens and some I hadn't seen before. When I saw this episode last night, I personally felt it was a great episode. I especially liked the scene where Kirk was trying to reach "Starship Fleet Captain" Garth by trying to force him to look back at his former life. It was moving the way Ihnalt responded that those memories thought processes were from a time of a previous life that was now alien to him. I also felt that Kirk was Luke Skywalker trying to reach Darth Vader's (Garth's) humanity by practically stating that Garth was his gold standard of what it means to be a Captain. The overacting didn't bother me. Hovever comical it felt at times, it made what happened to Marta shocking and showed that Garth was pretty dangerous. I also liked how Garth received treatment in the end instead of being killed. IMHO, it is the shades of gray that made Star Trek great. On the flip side, I saw "The Mark of Gideon" tonight and felt that that was the worst TOS episode I have ever seen so far. Cobra
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