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Re: How militarized should Starfleet be?

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i think starfleet is as militaristic as it needs to be. sure they could introduce more practical things like seatbelts or personal forcefields, but meh. .
Missing the point. and real militaries can be equally blind and stupid.

i've come across plenty of terrible gung-ho fanfiction about 'starfleet marines' created by people who'd watched starship troopers and failed to grasp the satire.
Well, that satire trashed a good book and made a bad movie an even poorer joke...

its hard to say 'we come in peace' with a gun in your hand.
Not at all. Kirk did it all the time. That gun isn't alive and doesn't make decisions. TOS taught me that complaining about the gun in the hand didn't address the actual problem, and that the ambassadors who did that usually couldn't solve the problems a military man could - because he had a gun in his hand and didn't shirk from using it when needed, but also because he knew what he could do with it, and wanted to avoid having to use it. Wishing guns away never works and doesn't solve issues between nations.

I've always seen Starfleet as the military, just more relaxed about day-to-day protocol than today's, while being even harsher when someone transgresses. When a junior crewman berates a senior, they get slammed with threats of court-martial, while allowing fraternization and other modern violations without a thought. Essentially, it's become a Hollywood writer's idea of what the military is bastardized with what they'd like it to be. I'd like to see a little more attention paid to the military structure and customs and ceremonies, but not slavish devotion to it. All this, of course, is a separate discussion from the whole idea that we should think of Starfleet as the Federation military, soething I take as a given, and which seems to me like the OP's baseline assumption when asking "how militarized should Starfleet be?"
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