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Re: TNG Caption This! 294: Say hello to Season 2!

How to get a starship to blush. Tell her she has cute nacelles.

Worf: " I must warn you. I am a twelfth level master at Mokbara, my skills with the bat'leth have been recognised on the homeworld, and I have never been defeated in personal combat."
Riker: "Yeah, well I've been watching Jackie Chan movies."

Salia: "You know when I said that I wanted you to take me to heaven and back, this isn't what I had in mind."

Khan os: "Give me Genesis!"
Picard: "Computer, transmits all works of the group Genesis, Phil Collins era. engage prefix code and set playback on loop."
Khan with strains of Sussudio in background: "Noooo! Your cruelty knows no bounds. We surrender. We surrender!"
Picard: "And that's how it's done, Numbah One! You handle the clean-up. I'll be in my ready room, feeding my fish."

Pulaski: "The tricorder confirms it. Excessive eye make-up. Alert ship's beautician. Stat. We have a 5-12 coming in. A 5-12."
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