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Re: No More SOTL Calendars After 2013?

How much of this "embargo" is fact and how much is speculation, though? The only context in which I've heard it definitely confirmed is for soundtrack releases. La-La Land had to make sure their TOS box set (which goes on sale tomorrow and is the most amazing thing ever) was out by the end of the year because they wouldn't be able to release it in 2013, and I think the same goes for a DS9 set that's upcoming. But I haven't heard of it happening anywhere else. It's evidently not the reason for the end of the SOTL calendars; from what Drexler has said, that's due more to the state of the calendar industry in general and the abundance of online fan art. And it evidently doesn't apply to the novels, as my manuscript deadline a week from now makes very clear to me. Memory Alpha lists a number of other nonfiction books on the slate for 2013 -- the ones mentioned above, a few craft books, and a reference book called Star Trek FAQ 2.0. The TPB of IDW's TNG Hive miniseries will be out early in 2013. And Blu-Ray releases of ENT season 1 and TNG season 3 are reportedly slated for 2013 as well. Moreover, when I search Google for "Star Trek 2013 embargo," the only relevant result I get is this very thread.

So I just don't see any evidence of an embargo anywhere other than soundtrack CDs. Maybe that market in particular is narrow enough that the competition would be seen as harmful.
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