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Re: No More SOTL Calendars After 2013?

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A "merchandise embargo" on Trek Prime really doesn't make sense.
Gene Roddenberry himself urged Paramount to put an embargo on TOS-in-syndication about four months before the premiere of ST:TMP. It made fans even hungrier for new Trek. Embargoes aren't usually permanent. They are planned marketing strategies designed to narrow the focus of a campaign.

We heard much of oversaturation when TNG movies were coming out while DS9 and VOY were on the air. Rick Berman quashed a "Starfleet Academy" animated series early in TNG's run with a similar fear.

If CBS and Paramount Marketing have received feedback that the potential viewership of the new movie might be easily confused by two timelines being promoted at once, they may take cautious steps to refocus. It's about maximising profits in the long run, not reducing profits across the board or letting the franchise get watered down.
Trek XI's release saw an increase in Trek merchandise related to the prime timeline. TOS was released on blu-ray, all ten previous movies were released on blu-ray, special DVDs were released containing the best of TOS and TNG. Not to mention most stores had big displays of previous Trek releases on DVD at special prices, and so on. None of this had a nagative impact on Trek XI.

Likewise, special re-releases of all the previous Bond movies were out in recent months. No negative impact on Skyfall. Selling Bond movies with other actors in the role didn't confuse the audience.

Likewise, whenever superhero movies are relased, there's no embargo on other movies, TV shows, comics, whatever featuring that character in other continuities. Hell, this past summer there were new Batman comics, graphic novels, prose novels, and an animated movie, none of which existed in the same continuity as the Nolan movies, and TDKR still ruled the box office.

There's room for two Star Trek continuites to exist together. There's no need to embargo the previous continuity for the sake of a new movie.
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