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Re: Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years

I didn't buy the Star Trek Vault book a while back. But will be getting this, somehow... if only because there should be more illustrated reference books like it. Even with online resources, the book seems like a great idea to me - depicting speculative events before and between different incarnations of the show.

It would be nice if it somehow ties in with the Enterprise books, including Christopher's one in the works. But I'm assuming David Goodman (while a contributor like Mike Sussman) probably hasn't read them and its authors not had access to his thoughts. Although I know they certainly conferred with Manny Coto when undoing a certain character's demise in the finale. It doesn't matter too much and hopefully they'll be wiggle room enough to fit the two together. Both are going for the same end points, I'd imagine. The tougher bits to reconcile, would be if they've really gone to town on showing us what the uniforms and starships look like immediately after 2161. Since that's what "The Rise of the Federation" is describing.
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