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Where were Miles and Keiko married?

Was the wedding ceremony held in Ten Forward? Or was the scene supposed to be happening somewhere else in the ship, a redress of the Ten Forward set?

All the tables and chairs are gone, and I don't think you ever see the bar counter top itself in the scene. Were Miles and Keiko married in what is essentially a bar? When the dancing took place, the chamber seemed larger than Ten Forward.

The show of course re-dresses various sets to be different rooms aboard the ship. In the first season the observation lounge behind the bridge and sickbay were the same set. Picard, Riker, Crusher and Trio all have the same set as their living quarters.

This is kind of outgrowth of another thread, I was wondering if the Enterprise D would have a formal chapel somewhere on board for weddings and such. Being a large ship, it would certainly have the room.

Was it Ten Forward?

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