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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

Tucker, The Man and His Dream - DVD
Island in the Sky - DVD
Killing Them Softly - free admission

When I was a kid, I remember seein' the trailer for Tucker on a lot of the videos we would rent, but my dad would never pick up a copy of the movie.

I saw it on DVD at Wal-Mart a couple of weeks ago for six bucks, and bought it.

After watchin' it yesterday, I have no clue why my dad would have objected to watchin' it...great cast, good enough story, interestin' visual tricks, and its about cars! And my dad loved cars!

Followed that up with a never before seen (by me) John Wayne movie. As with Hatari! awhile back, this is Wayne in the modern (for the time) era, with him as a civilian pilot flyin' transport for the US military. Ice & bad weather for a landin' in the frozen, uncharted Canadian wastelands and he has to keep his crew alive while other civilian pilots search for him.

Not too bad a survival story for 1953...

Went over to the Drafthouse Ritz to see KTS yesterday afternoon. And I thought it was a damn good movie. It has a great cast, bleak humor, and makes me want to read the book. It was pretty much what I was expectin' from the trailers, and I'm glad I saw it instead of puttin' it off like I have Lincoln and Red Dawn.
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