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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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What Michonee said instead: ... *stares, turns, runs away*
I think Michonne was fed up with her. When someone she once thought of as a friend is so taken by the governor--and holds a gun on her, it is as hopeless a feeling as family members who visited Jonestown, only see them completely under the control of a psychopath/manipulator.

Michonne probably thought, "Andrea, you asked for everything you're going to get."

Axel is clearly the group perv, but it almost seems like they're playing it for laughs at this point: "Oh, Axel, you doof, no one could possible want to have sex with you. Loser. Go play with your mustache." He'll make a go for Beth, though, but probably not until next half of the season.
I think he will make a move, only to be tag-team killed by Hershel or Carl. The expression on Carl's face (after the Beth incident) said it all about Axel's chances of staying among the breathing going forward.

Merle and Darryl will be back with the group for the midseason finale (based on the smoke grenade detonation at the fight pit and Maggie's reaction to Darryl's tag-along in the preview). He might survive to the season finale to ramp up tension, but I think either Carol or Darryl will kill him.
Yeah, at this point, Merle will last long enough to squeeze more inner demons/loyalty issues out of Daryl.
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