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Re: The Measure Of A Man ? A Deleted Scene scene. What does Data say after that (if anything)?

Something like "If Starfleet decided to disect one of your organic crew members, would you agree to that?" would be very cool. As a reason for Picard to rethink in standpoint.


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Some scenes are better off deleted.

I had a look at that, and with Picard's opinion diametrically opposed to the opinion he ends up with, leaving that scene in would have made him seem far too vacillating in the end.

Taken out of context it is an interesting exchange though.

I donīt think so. Actually the fact that he changes his opinion makes him seem more like a REAL person, and less some kind of utopian perfect Captain. It makes him more believable when his inital reaction is NOT exactly what we would expect from him.
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