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Re: Is a Blu-Ray release of SG-1 possible?

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I guess the earlier seasons of SG-1 have the same problem as TNG/DS9/VOY.

But then again there is this:
Considering they're still yet to release any TNG/DS9/VOY on Bluray, I doubt MGM would justify it for SG-1 at this stage in the current position. I can't think of any other shows in the same position as TNG/SG-1 that have been released on Bluray yet (feel free to prove me wrong, as I find this kind of thing very interesting from a tech standpoint).

Seasons 8/9/10 of SG-1, and the other two Stargate shows should be already in HD to release, but I think it will be a while before we see the rest.
okay i'm fixing to clear this up once and for all, and it's not good at all, here's the real reason why SG-1 won't be releasing a blu-ray set of SG-1, in season 7 or 8 brad wright had to move the series to the Sci-fi channel okay, and the thing about the sci-fi channel is that they make thier money by buying the production rights and ownership of emerging movies and tv shows that tends to be unpopular or low budget okay, now here's what happened, because stargate was a high end Tv show brad right thought the Sci-fi channel would be like showtime, make thier money by playing stargate, however the sci-fi channel is greedy, so threatening to cancel stargate sci-fi forced brad wright to get rid of one of thier original cast and put some of sci-fi channel's add-in cast, on top of that sci-fi wanted full rights to the show after he agreed to it, sci-fi threatened to cancel the contract and sue for rights to SG-1, so brad wright pulls the show and cancels both SG-1 and atlantis, Sci-fi then claims stargate and releases universe that didn't even last a full season. So, because of that there is now a ownership claim fight going on unsettled, and until it is settled on brad wright's part we will never see SG-1 be released on blu-ray or any other future technology upgrade conversion, it's not a production issue with the recording quality, that's what production software is for, we converted WWii film to 1920 1080i for crying out loud, that argument is arguable, so that's the real issue, but you can pull out your protest signs and demand the release of ownerrights to brad wright and threaten a boycott if they don't if you want
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