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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise

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^I've never seen her. Voyager?
That's Naomi Wildman, she was from Voyager. But she's a kid through the whole show, that was just yet another time travel Voyager episode that took them into the future featuring a grown up Naomi. The idea behind my initial comment was Archer couldn't win a fist fight with this girl.

Which make's teacake's comment about Archer knocking her on her ass all the more creepy, but not entirely implausible.

By the way, I do like your new avatar.. even if the apple reminds me of Jadzia playing Eve with Worf and tempting him with the unholy apple!

As for Demons... well this was an episode I liked. It did show that like any society, there will be people who disagree. Heck, you could even say Terra Prime has a point about Starfleet going out and broadcasting Earth's location to every hostile alien species. Certainly with the recent Xindi attack, it stands to reason there SHOULD be sympathy for a movement like this. Of course what makes them fanatics isn't their position, it's that they take it WAY too far and their methods suck. All their leader would have to do is grow a mustache to complete the Hitler ripoff.
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