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Re: Before & After/Year Of Hell relationship

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The problem was, and about the only thing that made the ep., is Annorax couldn't get back, he couldn't get home, he couldn't return. If at the end they show him working on it again, and with some foreknowledge, it only means Janeway solved that problem for him. In the years that follow he might be effected by what the time machine already did.
......or he just creates it again.
He said he created as weapon to use on a Krenium enemy.
Ep. ended with the Kernium still in dispute of territory.
We see him still working on the equation, he didn't learn his mistake because it was Janeway that figured out getting rid of the ship would fix everything..not him.
So what I saw was, just because he took a break with his wife, he still oneday would create that ship for the same reason.
He was doomed to repeat time.
He did believe time was punishing him.
Maybe Annorax' punishment for being Ahab is to live the punishment of Sisyfus?
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