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Re: No More SOTL Calendars After 2013?

The Wormhole wrote: View Post
A "merchandise embargo" on Trek Prime really doesn't make sense.
Gene Roddenberry himself urged Paramount to put an embargo on TOS-in-syndication about four months before the premiere of ST:TMP. It made fans even hungrier for new Trek. Embargoes aren't usually permanent. They are planned marketing strategies designed to narrow the focus of a campaign.

We heard much of oversaturation when TNG movies were coming out while DS9 and VOY were on the air. Rick Berman quashed a "Starfleet Academy" animated series early in TNG's run with a similar fear.

If CBS and Paramount Marketing have received feedback that the potential viewership of the new movie might be easily confused by two timelines being promoted at once, they may take cautious steps to refocus. It's about maximising profits in the long run, not reducing profits across the board or letting the franchise get watered down.

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Typical, they make something hard to find then cancel it for lack of sales.
Or, the publisher creates a licensed product in sufficient quantities and their usual distributors suddenly fail to pick it up, or shops fail to order it, leaving stock in warehouses to eventually get remaindered or pulped.

The SOTL 2013 calendar is readily available online.

Sales of all wall calendars is down. They have become ancient technology.
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