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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

What Michonne could have said: Andrea, this nutjob has been keeping his turned daughter in a cage and running experiments on walkers trying to bring her back to life. Oh, and did you not see his wall-o-heads? The one on top is the pilot. He killed the pilot. He killed the National Guard guys. He captured people on the road and is holding them, most likely to torture and use in his walker experiments. This dude is straight up Hannibal Lecter crazy. If he thinks skinning you and wearing you as a Sunday School dress will bring his daughter back, money's even he will do it. Wake the fuck up, shoot his crazy ass and let's get out of here!

What Michonee said instead: ... *stares, turns, runs away*

Even without all of that, Andrea is dumber than a bag of nails. I pray she and her Jonestown cult leader boyfriend / father surrogate get eaten in the midseason finale. I hate them both so, so much.

Killing Oscar was lame and predicable. Not killing him would have been the gutsy move. Too bad, I thought he could have been a decent addition to the group. At least he had a personality.

Axel is clearly the group perv, but it almost seems like they're playing it for laughs at this point: "Oh, Axel, you doof, no one could possible want to have sex with you. Loser. Go play with your mustache." He'll make a go for Beth, though, but probably not until next half of the season.

Merle and Darryl will be back with the group for the midseason finale (based on the smoke grenade detonation at the fight pit and Maggie's reaction to Darryl's tag-along in the preview). He might survive to the season finale to ramp up tension, but I think either Carol or Darryl will kill him.
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