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How many reset buttons?

In VOY the use of the reset button is something that many fans criticise the show for so I wondered just how many times it was actually used. Some of these are open for interpretation but off the top of my head.

1-Year of Hell
3-Species 8472- In scorpion they were an aggressive species bent on destroying everything in the galaxy but later "we were just joking"
4-Mobile Emitter- I'm sure many wont agree but to me one of the interesting things about having a holographic doctor was that he would be stuck in sickbay which could lead to lots of great storys as the Doctor becomes more human but is stuck within the confines of sickbay. The emitter basically reset one of the main characteristics of having a hologram for a crew member, limited mobility.
5-Chakoty's baby- This is one that has always annoyed me because this could have really made Chakoty more interesting.
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