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Re: Sayings that you hate now

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The one that has really been bugging me lately is when people say "<insert title of hobby/career/volunteer work> is my passion." If I were president I'd order a god damned Predator drone strike on anyone who uttered that phrase.
Those people are such fun when they have a bad day. That face of dawning realization that their "passion" is actually work and work isn't all that fun.

Here's some for all the writers in the house:

"What's so hard about writing?"

"400 pages, big deal I could do that in a couple hours, it's not like real work"

"Why don't you right one of those (insert hot book of the moment) they make a mint"

"Writer? Fuck sell one book and you're set for life."

"You got rejected? Maybe if you wrote like (insert popular fad author of the week) you could sell a book."

"You know what your problem is? You just need to do it, just write a book and sell it. Why's that so hard?"

Or any variation of the above.
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