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Re: Season Seven so far has been Redundant.

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Half a frakking season of emotional masturbation for smegs sake.
Also known as "entertainment". What are you asking for exactly?
You know how after they dropped the ring in mount doom and you start to tidy up your area, and hunt down your shoes in the theatre because it's time to go home... Even though there's another HOUR left to the fucking movie... I want to go home but all these fucking hobbits keep having hugs taking about how fucking brave they were! And then if you're a real psychopath you have to sit through 80 minutes of credits in the hopes that Gollum has a comical bit at the end where you find out that the volcano didn't get him.

I can deal with a tourist companion in the Christmas special last year, but I had said good bye to Rory and Amy, I was finished with with them, all sorted, and now I'm told that there's infesting 5 more episodes and only then are they really really gone. 5 more episodes a 4 month break then a Christmas special and then another four month break and then you can start watching the new companion be all super cool and fresh.

Season 7 shouod have been the start of Jena-Lousie's run.

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