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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

Yeah, we all knew it was coming, Oscar's dead. As soon as he got on the roof of the bus, I knew he was a goner. It's a shame as I thought they could have done so much for the show.

Having seen some scans of the comic book, I couldn't help but blurt out during the Michonne/Governor fight that they should be careful or someone would get their eye poked out.

Only having seen some scans and not having read the book, I got that Tyrese is a fan-favorite, but he didn't do much to convince me he's a worthy replacement for Oscar. The whole scene where they get locked it infuriated me, as, unless I missed something, they still haven't killed the soon-to-be-Walker. Good on Carl to lock them up and good on Tyrese for recognizing why he did it. Now kill that Walker-to-be! You know the mom who looks the same age as her son...

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