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Re: Glee - Season Four

I feel if they dumped the NY aspect, I could really enjoy the show more. The Super-Hero episode, while cheesy (and stupid, because I doubt they'll ever show them in costume again) was my favorite of the new season and I realized NY plot, no Ms. July, no SJP, no Kurt, no Brody, no Isabelle...none of that. I also realized that Will was missing and that I didn't miss him one bit. I'm fine with Finn being the new Mr. Shu, as Will really has gotten on my nerves. It also lacked Sue, and again, I didn't mind that. I kind of feel that Sue has been played out. They kept going over-the-top with her (running for senator, for example) and I don't know where else they could go with her, though the recent feud between her and Finn did bring some life back to her character.

What we did get was Blaine being awesome, again, FINALLY, and the rest of the cast really shinning. I like the developing friendship between Jake and Ryder. While I hate Kitty, I do think her manipulation of Marley is an interesting plot line, as it has served to really get me to hate her. I think they realized that they totally messed-up Quinn's character, as they were never sure if they should make her sweet, manipulative, confused, angry, bitchy, or whatever else they felt like trying that week. Keeping Kitty purely evil is a good step. Knowing the show, they can always redeem her later on.

I hated "Kiki" from the get-go and went so far as to Google it, so I knew where to direct my hatred. I softened when I found out it was a Scissor Sisters song, as I liked some of their previous songs and it made sense, since they came from the NYC gay club scene. I may not love the song, but given the context, I hate the song less, and the use of it in the show more.

As for Gangnam Style, I am an unabashed lover of the song. It makes perfect sense that New Directions would use it and I think it is a brilliant move for Sectionals. It really showed off New Directions in a way that the Warblers could never compete with. They have the Acapella bit down, but they lack the ability to go all out on numbers. And the crowd seemed to love it, which is a bonus.

The last two episodes have really turned things around for me. A few episodes, I was right there with you, but now I think there's something redeemable about the show, if they dump the NYC/Kurt/Rachel plot, find a way to keep the mentors around more, and continue to develop the new characters.

Part of the problem is that from what I understand, Ian Brennan, Brad Falchuk, and Ryan Murphy all take turns with the episodes and after a while, you can start to tell which one wrote which episode, without even seeing the names. Some episodes hit the drama bit a little too much, while others go for the cheese factor, and the last third of the episodes really hit the social issues hard. The show is best when it has a decent mix of the three. Too much of any of those three and too little of the other two make the show less entertaining.
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