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Re: Sayings that you hate now

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"Working from home is so easy, all you do is sit around and get paid to do jack shit, you got it made." - just fucking die already, please. I'll trade my contract to contract freelance (and dwindling) income for your week to week paycheck with benefits, then you can sit at home trying to drum up contracts, deal with the headaches of clients that know piss all about what they want, then sweat when some client fucks up legally and you find out when they call in a panic about legal threats and, oh by the way, they've put you in the middle cause you did the work for them.
Oh, joys of freelance work! When I worked as a translator, my mother kept asking when I'd get a "real" job. If my job wasn't real, then why was I making 3x more than she did in her real job?
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