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Re: The Walking Dead: The Comics VS. The T.V. Show **SPOILERS**

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I'm noticing too that the comic has a ton more superfluous characters, too many to keep up with IMO.
i like the more streamlined show.

Chris and Julie

Allen, Donna and the twins

Hershel's huge family (what did he have like 5 kids? )
In some ways I preferred the bigger cast in the comics vs the TV show. One of the things that the show is missing are all of the kids. Having Carl, Sophia, the twins and the Green kids meant that Carl was not alone. Additionally their presence helps to emphasize the importance, and fluidity of family amongst the survivors. Having all the kids around means that all of the couples become almost instant families once someone gets killed,

One thing that the lack of kids has done (and the prolonged survival of Shane) is that its diminished the rather disturbing arc for Carl. Carl in the comics has done many more troubling things and that has an impact on him and his father in ways that the TV probably could never properly address for a child so young.

Additionally Shane early death helped o make Lori a more like able character. She never had the opportunity to morph into a character that people loved to hate.
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