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Re: November Art Challenge - The Lensman

Bernard Guignard wrote: View Post
Great work there I have the full set of those and this is nice to see
Ensign Ro- wrote: View Post
Love it! Just dug out 3 of these that have been in storage for 13 years. :-)
Nice! IIRC, I finally obtained them all many years ago....and while mine are not in storage, they are in a large book box, at the bottom of a stack of boxes, in my closet. In fact I believe I've even got doubles of a few.

For this kid in the 70's, for whom watching Star Trek without a seeming shit ton of UHF "snow" was an incredible rarity, these books were the Holy Grail of Aweseome!
The first one I got as a kid was "Where No Man Has Gone Before", the second photonovel released. Which was the first one you guys got?

Klaus wrote: View Post

The only one I have is original BSG...
I have that too!

Finngle Bells wrote: View Post
I love it!

Only..why..Oh why didn't you use a recent picture of William Shatner???

I thought about it, but then remembered that this episode is from an alternate universe where Star Trek had a different life, but it still ended in the 70's. Plus Shatner in real life doesn't look as old as he does here.

You'll also notice that I didn't use the TMP bridge either. Just color shifted the blinkie panels to blueish-purple to simulate "future Enterprise". I was on a budget.

Thanks again for the kind words everyone! This challenge was much more difficult than even I thought it would be!

Edit: I just noticed that this version is missing a tiny "tm" after the words "Star Trek" under the picture. Ah, the last minute rush of tweaking a final entry, racing against the deadline!! It was actually there in one version. LOL!
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