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Re: Glee - Season Four

^Agree totally. I'm so tired of Rachel's miss priss she's too good for visiting Lima act. Kurt would likely have to face Finn if he'd gone home for Thanksgiving, but both could have avoided the McKinley crew if they'd wanted while still being in Lima. Their friends would have liked to have seen them, and the reunion felt incomplete. This should have been the episode they return from New York, not the 'Glease' episode. Drop the New York storyline or give it it's own series...I hear there's room in the schedule where Mob Doctor used to be.

Also...wasn't Rachel the one that was 'traumatized' by being pelted by eggs in season one because they were baby birds and now she's willing to...massage...a turkey? Doesn't line up with her previous ultra-vegan attitude.

I'm so tired of the New York storyline...or tired of Lea Michele, I don't know, but between the stupid "Kiki" party thing and Gangnam style I'm not really happy with either aspect of the show. Maybe I'm finally 'out-growing' it, or it's just gotten that bad.
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