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From what little I've heard about that, the powerless Wonder Woman wasn't well received. I know that Cathy Lee Crosby played that kind of Wonder Woman in a TV pilot, but it was the more traditional Lynda Carter Wonder Woman show that got produced.

I don't see how that powerless Wonder Woman would be much different than Nikita. Also, with Arrow taking a lot of the 'realistic' villains out there, by the time Wonder Woman got a show, a lot of them already would be used, or misused, by Arrow.

There's a lot of superpowered villains just sitting around, not being used at all. And there are bigger storylines that a superpowered Wonder Woman can do as opposed to a powerless one.
I am just pointing out that there is already a comic book precedent for a Wonder Woman without super powers.
That's cool. I knew a little about that part of the Wonder Woman's history as well as the TV pilot. There is precedent, but at the same time history also shows that that approach wasn't well liked. That's not to say that a new take on that idea can't be successful. I just hope that the show doesn't go that route. Making Wonder Woman ordinary makes her less interesting. CW's already got one driven vigilante in Arrow and one kick ass female assassin in Nikita. That realistic approach for Wonder Woman just doesn't seem that imaginative.
I agree with you. I kind of feel that this no powers rule will become as restrictive and as frustrating as the no flights/no tights rule from Smallville. I hope they reconsider.
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