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Re: Glee - Season Four

I'm watching "Thanksgiving" now and two thoughts struck me: First, you're right, the mentor thing was great. I've been annoyed at how they were using the original cast members. It seemed they didn't want to overuse them, so they opted for under-using them. They steal the show every time they appear. They worked really well in this episode, adding to the plot and not stealing the spotlight. I loved how Santana caught onto "Pretty Little Liar" right away.

Kurt and Rachel are really dragging the show down. I'm not a Sara Jessica Parker fan and her part didn't help. I've never really formed an opinion on Kate Hudson, though I do have to say, Cassandra July is the best part about the Kurt/Rachel storyline. As for them, they either get them a spin-off (so I can ignore it! ) or dump them.
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