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Re: Before & After/Year Of Hell relationship

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The time-eraser weapon overloaded/backfired within the ship when it blew up and erased itself from time. So in the new timeline Annorax never was able to figure out how to get the thing to work (the equations were erased from time itself) and gave up on the project. So the Universe afterwards was what happened when Annorax never built the thing in the first place.
So if they removed one hand gun from time, everyone would forget how to make handguns, or just the guy that personally made the hand gun that was removed?
If they removed one super-special handgun no one had ever made before from time, then the one guy who invented it would simply not have been able to make it in the new timeline.

The machine does not manipulate people telepathically.

Besides, in the final bit we saw that he knew how to make the weapon and he was almost there. He was playing with temporal diagrams on his padd.

So did the the weapon just remove 1 percent of how to make the weapon because it's a bastard?
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