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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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"Also, since we're referencing "In A Mirror Darkly" I would point out that when evil Archer orders the gravity turned up to 20g to crush the "Gorn" we see a plate reading "GRAV GRADIENT PLANE." I posit that since this plate is on the floor, it possibly relates to equipment found within the deck itself."
...or the position of a truss right below?

I can live without these trusses having any AG function as the environmental guy on the ladder could merely be adjusting the gravity level of such floor plates. Again, if you have "atmospheric system" wall panels for the environmental crew to adjust (which include air and probably heat).

you have to question what else falls under environmental personnel supervision to explain these ladder booths and/or where to locate AG controls.

Here's Engineering Deck 8 to conclude the current WIP in the engineering hull:

I started this one at the stern because the tri-ladder descent of Scotty and his crew down to the upper starboard engineering level of the Constellation suggested this location:

I felt the height and overhead ceiling of the gymnasium (a re-dress of the engine control room studio set) suggested this room to be somewhere in the engineering hull. I interpreted the overhead illumination in the second gym room to be a helpful clue (it's blue):

This is TOS and this blue illumination of the Defiant's "cathedral" tells me that the matter-antimatter reactor(s) / plasma lines are either on Standby or off (same in the ENT episode), so we may be seeing the light of the plasma line running up to the saucer hull behind that upper grid of the gymnasium.

The corridors outside the Auxilary Control Room (ACR) are quite an enigma - as Blssdwlf has recently pointed out in his thread - but I take the shot from Way to Eden as a reference:

A lot of scenes are rather strange. In The Doomsday Machine Kirk and landing party intentionally move to ACR but almost seem to miss it (there's also has to be a second door in the corridor outside used by Scotty).
The scene in The Changeling is even worse. They just leave one of the most deadly mechanical devices unattended in ACR and have a stroll through the (transporter room set) corridor possibly in the vicinity (the script of this episode has some odd moments. Enterprise absorbs the equivalent of 90 photon torpedos but then Kirk wonders how Nomad was able to absorb the energy of 1 photon torpedo "Mr. Spock, there must be damage to your instruments" "No captain, there's heavy damage to this episode's script" and we'll see a fixing attempt once the first motion picture will be produced...)
And according to And the Children Shall Lead the port corridor outside ACR is the circular corridor set (sorry, no chance to keep this deck entirely free from circular corridors ):

Originally I wanted to keep the corridors here straight and have the turbo lift transfer point to the bridge in WNM on this deck's starboard side. I currently don't have any idea where to place this WNM corridor in the saucer hull because of the strange angle of the last corridor segment and felt locating the transfer point on the upper deck of the engineering hull might at least help to explain the rather short ride to the bridge:

As it looks now, I seem have two options:
A) to put the WNM corridor someplace else and have the starboard side to feature an equally circular corridor segment or
B) rotate the circular corridor segment so that the tri-ladder will come close to the port side but leave enough space for the Starnes kid and the security crewmen to walk there.

Now, you can also take the deck plan drafts to move from Engineering Deck 8 down to the lower decks and check the turbo lift locations and transfer points on these lower decks.

I'll be looking at possibilities to optimize Engineering Deck 10 and will be back once I have a new result before I move into the saucer hull. Enjoy!

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